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Whimsical Romance: A Stunning Late Spring Wedding at Mount Ida with Nicole and Eli

Hello, wedding enthusiasts! It's been a HOT minute since we've joined the blog world, but we're back! It occurred to me that the couples we serve deserve to have a bit of the spotlight in our journal of wedding chronicles, and I wanted to start out with one of our favorites from last season. Today, join me on a journey through the magical late spring wedding of Nicole and Eli, hosted at the picturesque Mount Ida at Water's Edge.

These two captured our hearts completely and it was such a joy to play a part in their special wedding weekend. Not only did we get to support them both through a beautiful wedding day, but we were also fortunate enough to be present at their rehearsal dinner! They were surrounded by all of their closest friends and family, and with a 20 person wedding party there was no shortage of love :) We were able to witness so many stories of how much Nicole and Eli mean to their friends and family. We count ourselves blessed to know them both and can't wait to see what life has in store for them!

Nestled in the embrace of nature, Mount Ida set the stage for an unforgettable celebration. Despite the unexpected rain on their wedding day, Nicole and Eli's love story unfolded against the backdrop of whimsical details and breathtaking moments.

Nicole and Eli chose to dedicate their day to celebrating the sweet details of their life together. From cherished travel adventures to unwavering support in their professional journeys, every aspect of their wedding reflected the deep connection they share.

The rain may have graced their wedding day, but it brought with it a unique kind of magic. As fate would have it, the cocktail hour concluded with a stunning sunset, immortalized in the golden hour portraits captured by the talented Torri Domonique.

Torri's lens beautifully chronicled the day's events, capturing the essence of joy, laughter, and intimate moments shared by Nicole and Eli. From candid shots to the golden hour portraits, every photograph is a testament to the couple's love story.

Nicole and Eli's first dance was nothing short of spectacular. Starting with soft and sweet moves, the couple surprised everyone with a choreographed dance to Lizzo's "About Damn Time." It was a true testament to the joy and fun these two share, leaving everyone on the dance floor in awe.

A Team of Dream Makers

No dream wedding is complete without a stellar team of vendors, and Mahogany Hill Weddings curated the best for Nicole and Eli's celebration:

Each vendor played a pivotal role in bringing Nicole and Eli's vision to life.

The raindrops only added to the charm of Nicole and Eli's day, proving that anything can be overcome with the love and support of family. Their wedding was a celebration of resilience, laughter, and the beauty found in unexpected moments. Reflecting back on this lovely day reminds of how these two are truly missed!

Cheers to love, laughter, and dancing in the rain!



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