About Me

Hi there! My name is Kendall and I am the brains behind Mahogany Hill. A few fun facts about me:

I was born and mostly raised in Prince George, Va. I graduated from VCU with a degree in Psychology and haven’t left good ole’ RVA since then. I love the city and all that it has to offer!
I worked in clinical research for 5 years before deciding to go on an adventure into the wedding business world - and so far I love it!
In true Richmond fashion, I love spending my weekends eating and drinking my way through the many, many restaurants in the city and surrounding neighborhoods.  
I have an amazing partner, T, who has been by my side from the start! He’s seriously the PB to my J and keeps me sane...on most days. We’ve got one pup, Charlie who’s a 5 year old dachshund, and she pretty much runs our house. So. Much. Sass.
I love love! I love everything about the connection between two people. My dad once said that being married is the most fun he’s ever had, and I try to carry that with me in everything I do!

Photo courtesy of Kia & Co

Why I do what I do

The wedding planning and coordinating business is definitely not a new concept, but I like to think that my motivation for providing this service is unique. I knew that when I started this small venture, I wanted to provide the type of service that I desired as a bride. I knew that I wanted to provide not only event management but support and a safe place for all of the “crazy” that was swirling around in my own head while planning. So, Mahogany Hill is different than most. While I do provide coordination services beginning at 90 days out from your wedding, it’s not all that I offer. I will be here as a listening ear, soundboard, place of comfort, and most of all as a friend leading up to, and through your wedding. At the end of our experience together, I want you to feel like more than just a client! I also welcome you to continue to reach out even after your wedding if there are things you may need. After all, we will be working together to ensure that your wedding day is the best day of your life! Once you are an MH client, you’re part of our family.


Richmond, Va

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